Go in person with your valid identity document: DNI, NIE or Passport.
We will contact the beneficiary in the destination country so he/she can receive the money transfer.
Make a transfer to one of our bank accounts with the amount you wish to send to your destination country.
Call the telephone number 91 7617170 to confirm your money transfer data.
If you need to send additional information you can do so by fax to number 91 4677954 or by e-mail to clientes@moneyexchange.es
If you are already registered, you can login to Money Exchange's Intranet to calculate and send your money transfers and get a certificate of the same.
If you are a client but are not yet registered in the Money Exchange's Intranet, please complete the registration form.
If you are not yet a client of Money Exchange:
      • Scan your valid identity document and the first page of the bank book or a copy of a receipt that shows the account number and the holder or holders of the same.
      • Send the scanned images to the e-mail clientes@moneyexchange.es
      • Make a transfer to any Money Exchange bank account.
      • Call 917617170 to complete your registration.
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